Who is this victoria gal anyways, eh?

Best Sandwich Ever


I'm an Atlanta native who has a notorious addiction to good music and even better sandwiches. Seriously, name a sandwich and I'll tell you which sub joint has the best one. When I'm not at a concert, watching Broad City, or studying, you can catch me browsing the tightest corners of the Internet for memes or getting way too excited over Spotify's "Discover Weekly" playlists. 

I believe that all of my unique attributes and interests have only helped me to be the best public relations specialist and visual communicator possible. With this being said, you should know that I am a dedicated and passionate graduate student at Colorado State University that thrives in fast-paced and trend-provoking environments. I am always looking for a new and interesting way to answer a question or solve a problem. My goal is to always bring a fun and innovative approach to the creative development process, regardless of the step. Lastly, I am not afraid to be challenged and I pride myself in being a valuable member of any team.

Feel free to reach out to me, I would love to get to know you! 

What I can do for you 





social media

graphic & web design  

video and audio Production/Editing

design experience

Included below are a few of my designs and projects I worked on for Optic Nerve Eyewear, the North Carolina Theatre Conference, Crush Music Management and while studying graphic and web design at Colorado State University and High Point University. I have experience with illustrating, branding, logo design, merchandise design, and web design. The website I created for CSU can be found at www.boundtwobrewery.com.


Finally, I wanted to showcase a few of my published writings and research articles. Below is my published article from The Cape Cod Baseball League magazine and satire piece for The Odyssey Syndicate. In addition, I have included a personnel release sample and my graduate level research paper on the interpretation of music videos with and without captions, which I presented in 2017 for Boston's Eastern Communications Association. 

A peek into who i am

What you will see here is me in my most comfortable habitats. These include anywhere with breath-taking sights, good music, and even better food. I have a passion for traveling and learning about cultures different from my own. I also enjoy taking in of all that the wonderful state of Colorado has to offer. The photos you will see below are a solid depiction of my life and how I spend my time!


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